Palestine Relief

The Palestinian people endure persistent subjugation, maltreatment, aggression, and demolition of their belongings. Your assistance is crucial for their alleviation.

The Balance

Zakat Al Fitr 101: Find out about the obligation of Zakat Al Fitr and why it is important.

Shawwal: Month of Reward

Find out about the month of Shawwal, its significance and some of the events that took place within it throughout Islamic History.

Statement on Palestine: Storming Al-Aqsa

Canadian Relief Organizations, including Human Concern International, implore the Prime Minister to urgently increase earthquake relief efforts in Türkiye and Syria.

Ramadan Resources | 2023

Ramadan is a time of spirituality and recommitment to faith. Here, we’ve collated a short list of online Ramadan Resources for your benefit.

Statement to Our Community

We believe an educated generation is a liberated one. Read here about HCI’S work in Syria, providing education to war-stricken children.