A long history of fighting poverty & delivering aid.

For decades, Human International Concern has steadfastly occupied the vanguard of global humanitarian aid initiatives, profoundly impacting innumerable lives. Our multifaceted endeavors span from mitigating the scourge of poverty to responding to catastrophic disasters, exemplifying our enduring dedication to the betterment of humanity. Our mission remains unaltered, resolute in its pursuit: a world where the profound wellspring of compassion seamlessly transforms into tangible, transformative action, leaving an indelible mark of hope and progress. With the unwavering support of our dedicated staff and generous donors, we envision a future where every individual enjoys the fruits of justice, dignity, and opportunity.

Water for life Water for everyone

Water, the essence of life, is a resource that should be accessible to all, yet millions around the world still lack this basic necessity. With Engin as our dedicated partner, our WaterAid initiatives have flourished, expanding their reach to touch even more communities in need. Engin’s significant influence, combined with our steadfast commitment, has resulted in the realization of more clean water projects, the drilling of additional wells, and the infusion of renewed hope in the hearts of countless individuals. Together, we are tirelessly bridging the gap, ensuring that this vital resource flows abundantly to those who have long yearned for its life-sustaining embrace.

Water Aid


Provides an individual with clean water & aid

Family Access


Provides an entire family with clean water, safe latrines for health & sanitation

Well - Asia


Builds a water well for an entire community in Asia – including livestock

Well Africa


Builds a water well for an entire community in Africa – including livestock

Ertuğrul Ghazi’s personality, outlook on justice, and humanity have affected me immensely.”

– Engin Altan Düzyatan