What is Gift In Kind?

A gift in kind is a donation of goods or services that can be used to support a charitable cause or organization. This type of contribution takes the form of tangible items such as food, clothing, furniture, educational books and materials, medical supplies and other physical goods. Gifts in kind also include donations of time or services, including professional advice and labor. 

Please read all the information carefully before submitting the form. Thank you for considering a donation to HCI.

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Our Policy & Guidelines

Due to space shortage and costs associated with processing, storing, and delivering materials, HCI can only accept items that meet the current needs of our clients. 

We are only able to accept donations of new items. Unfortunately, we are not able to accept used or previously owned items. 

All donors are required to complete the online Gift-in-Kind donation Form 

Donors are responsible for packing, shipping and delivering all donations and for any fees related to shipping, insurance, and delivery.