Rapid Medical Aid in Times of Crises

Provide acute and long term medical aid,

Medical aid is not just assistance; it’s a beacon of hope in the darkest hours. Human Concern has been a relentless force in providing timely medical aid, especially during critical moments. Our efforts have been evident across various countries struck by crises. Recently, we’ve extended our support to Pakistan during the 2022 floods, and have been actively involved in relief efforts in Libya, Morocco, and Afghanistan following natural disasters in 2023. Additionally, our intervention in the West Bank and Gaza during periods of violence and brutality has been crucial, offering essential medical support to those affected by the conflict.


Our presence is also felt during the Gaza conflict, delivering vital healthcare services amidst turmoil. Our long-term projects in Syria and Yemen exemplify our mission of sustainable healthcare. In Syria, our Mobile Clinic reaches out to over 75,000 individuals, including internally displaced persons. This clinic, equipped with a team of healthcare professionals, delivers primary, maternal, and mental health services directly to communities in need. It’s an innovative approach, allowing us to gather crucial data on healthcare delivery in conflict zones.


In Yemen, our Health Clinic project focuses on underserved areas, offering comprehensive services like maternal and child healthcare, mental health support, and health education. Targeting the Al-Nakhlah and Bani Mobarez regions, we aim to reach 20,000 individuals, prioritizing women, children, and vulnerable families.


Human Concern is committed to these life-saving initiatives, but we need your help. Your donations are crucial in sustaining and expanding our projects. Every contribution brings us closer to improving health outcomes and making a tangible difference in these communities. Join us in this humanitarian journey; your support is invaluable.

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