Earn Continuous Reward

With a single donation, you can earn continuous reward for you or a loved one, even after you’ve left this world. 

Imagine the reward of having a righteous child pray for you after each sip of water from a well that you’ve built. Or, a widow who pleads Allah to forgive you after each dollar she’s earned from the skills training that you sponsored. 

The Prophet Muhammad (a.s.) said in the Sunan: “When a [person] dies all [their] good deeds come to an end except three: Ongoing charity (Sadaqah Jariyah), beneficial knowledge and a righteous [child] who prays for [the deceased parent].” 

How You Can Help

Deeds Are Forever

Giving sadaqah jariyah is a beautiful opportunity to increase your piety and closeness with Allah (SWT). By helping those in need, you are showing Allah (SWT) your commitment to His teachings, which can be incredibly fulfilling. Additionally, sadaqah jariyah will continue to benefit people long after you have passed away. This means that your good deeds will be remembered forever – how amazing is that?


Just as donating sadaqah jariyah can benefit donors spiritually, it can also bring profound changes in the lives of those who receive it. It can feed people who are hungry; provide shelter for those who are homeless; give clothing to those who are cold; or provide education and resources for those who need it most. Furthermore, sadaqah jariyah encourages recipients to strive for self-sufficiency by providing them with exactly what they need to get back on their feet again. This means that when one person receives support through sadaqah jariyah, everyone around them ultimately benefits too!

When you donate to a program that provides continuous support to a beneficiary, you earn continuous reward. Don’t pass up on this opportunity to benefit yourself, a loved one, and a person in need.

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